Canary Birds breeding season program beginners guide

Canary Birds breeding

The stages of breeding Canary birds (four):

  • The stage of dropping feathers, which is one of the most difficult stages, whether for the breeder or the bird because it needs the care of the breeder until the end of this difficult stage, and back to what was the bird in the past of activity and vitality and Twitter and production.

At this stage, Canary Birds feeding paper vegetables such as watercress, which is very important at this stage and the reason being that Canary Birds changing feathers and watercress is the best feed for birds, it helps them to overcome this stage easily and easily without risks.

In order to restore this feathers, the birds must be tried to change the bird’s environment and change their psychological state. It is not recommended to collect more than one type of Canary Birds in one cage.

  • Recovery stage: This stage is the next to the stage of feathers and have another name is the stage (leave), at this stage relax the bird from Twitter and mating and feathering, until the preparation for the new mating season, and this stage on the breeder to create the right food and prepare The right atmosphere for him.
  • Preparation stage: It is a ton before the mating stage directly and where the breeder to give the birds propagated food in males and females, and begin the males in Twitter voice low and intermittent, and after a short period strengthens the voice of Twitter and strengthen and crack and lengthen the tweet, as the breeder at this stage preparation Females by giving them reproductive foods until they ovulate to mate for egg formation. And this stage depends on a lot of preparation where the birds are placed nests and threads, and raise the joints of wooden houses, and if we note that the male feeds the female, this means the compatibility between them, but we should not rush.
  • The stage of mating: This stage depends on the breeder to choose the males and females to be married, to get the best production in the season, there are some educators who work on the marriage of birds, which were prepared early, and some of them are waiting for the mating season, which is at the door, February and March to June and July. Bird watching requires precision and patience and needs a room where these specifications are required:
  1. The direction of the room is oriental or southerly.
  2. The room should be clean and the canary bird is clean, and you can spot it by placing a pot containing water.
  3. The room has light and sunlight
  4. The room should be away from the air currents
  5. Be free of insects especially mites and ants
  6. The temperature should be suitable and match the temperature of the summer air even in the winter.
  • Mating stage: These signs of readiness for mating in females and males: Signs of readiness in males:
  1. Twitter loud is audible, with all the tones in his throat, especially if he hears the sound of a female whistling.
  2. Move from one place to another in the cage with a flutter in the wings.

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