Hamster pet methods raising sunny house caring temperature

Hamster pet methods of raising

Hamster pet –  are rodents belonging to the Cristiana rat species, a platoon containing about 25 species, classified in six or seven races. The hamster is grafted and remains underground during the day to avoid being captured by wild predators, feeding mainly on seeds, fruits, plants, and insects that sometimes hide.


The behaviour of hamsters varies depending on their environment, genetics, and interaction with people. Because they are easy to breed in captivity, hamsters are often used as laboratory animals. Hamsters also become pets for the home, and their solitary nature can usually reduce the risk of developing excessive waste in captivity.


Hamster pet are usually physically brave, with tails shorter than the length of the body, have small ears, plump legs, wide feet, silky fur, which can be long or short, black, gray, honey, white, brown, yellow, red or mix depending on species, Hamsters are hard to see, they are usually not very long except for the Chinese dwarf hamster, which has the same tail length body.


What to eat and how to look after it?

The hamster pet, like the rest of the rodents, lead everything, especially the seeds of the sun. Fresh vegetables (Do not eat too much cucumber, do not get diarrhea, keep away from the cabbage to avoid a digestive disorder that goes away from weeds in public parks because some are poisonous … The owner of the tree has been drinking for four years. The name of the plant he ate – the tongue of the lamb – where he suffered severe diarrhea and then died the next morning, he moved away from the parsley and mint. And here


Choose a suitable horseradish cage. Sometimes it is placed in aquariums but be careful to get out and climb from it.


Do not put it in a sunny place directly, especially in the summer so as not to kill .. We have mentioned earlier that the night animal does not like to put in those places … Put it in the shade and warm temperature and not hot.


What is the right day for mating?

Hamster pet – Every 3-4 days the female can mate once. During those days, she will be rejected even if she is at the right age.

If the atmosphere is warm. The time is after the sunset and before the start (ie, night by the night of an animal activity) and today is the right day for the female

They will immediately be placed with the male in the box will freeze Kaya for movement … The male will put his hands on her back and then will be mating, which lasts for

Not less than 20 minutes.

Hamster pet – Wait enough time and leave them unchecked so that the mating does not end and the female will fight and watch them until the time passes

20 minutes and when the male to move away and show a lack of interest … Then the female movement and reactivity. The process is over.

Pregnancy takes about 16 days, which is the known period. The female may be delayed by placing the young or may put them at an early time and both cases are not good.

Do not carry the female and her caresses since the tenth day of pregnancy. It is the day that will clearly show the effects of pregnancy from bulging in the abdomen and weight in the movement.


Female Syrian hamster pregnant

Hamster pet – Do not carry young children until the second week of her life .. If you carry one of them before the specified time the female will eat all the children for fear of you.

Since the third week we begin to wean those young and eat hard food such as seeds .. If it was confirmed weaning them separated, especially the exclusion of females from the males to not quarrel.

Before you think of mating the hamster … Think first what you will do about 8 young and may exceed the number 14 !!!

Take care of who will buy from you a large number of young people or at least who will care about them eating hamsters?

  • Hamsters can eat processed meat and insects such as worms, but this is not circulation.
  • Adult hamsters eat about 15 grammes of water a day and about 10 millilitres of water.
  • Ready-made, low-cost and high-priced factory food
  • Vegetables are placed moderately throughout the day such as lettuce, parsley and watercress
  • Water must be available in the hamster’s concoction (which is fitted with knots like punctuation systems) and changes every day
  • Forbidden foods: lemon – orange – sweets – chocolate
  • Favourite foods: rice – corn – garlic – carrots – red beans – peanut – live vino
  • The old food stored in the corners should be removed daily to prevent damage.

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