Rabbit home breeding carefully successful projects

Rabbit home breeding carefully

Rabbit home breeding – To save this creature has become an example of cowardice, being peaceful, harming no one, living on the islands and weeds, and not devouring others, and attacking the strength of one, and at the same time is targeted by all. The example is shown in this creature when the rapid and multiple reproductions in humans, we say that the birth of a female rabbit-like, rabbits breeding fast and amazing.

It is relatively small and does not occupy much space. “I think I can not eat rabbit meat because I would imagine that I was a cat,” he says. “His outer body is like a cat. Many rabbits are raised for trade or for personal use, so how is the best way to raise them at home?

The Rabbit home breeding project is one of the most successful and profitable investment and economic projects in recent years because rabbits have many advantages: abundant production, reproduction, and rapid growth. Of creatures and animals. This animal has the advantage of direct postpartum pregnancy, which reflects a large abundance of production as the number of births increases. Rabbit meat is easily digested and contains low cholesterol, high protein content and good taste.

The Rabbit home breeding is characterised by high fertility and a significant increase in the number of births with the possibility of taking advantage of other secondary products inherent in the rabbit, such as fur and manure. In areas with a mild climate, rabbit dwellings do not require special or complex equipment. In areas where the climate is hot or cold, in these cases, rabbits were raised in private dwellings, closed or semi-closed, in order to produce them throughout the year.

Rabbit home breeding carefully successful projects

Features of rabbit housing are the following:

First, these dwellings should provide protection to rabbits from rain water, cold air currents, frost and freezing in the winter, and protect them from direct sun exposure in the summer.

Second, these houses should also provide good ventilation and provide easy disposal of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide as well as ammonia gas, as well as the ability to get rid of excess moisture.

Third: the need to provide sufficient lighting suitable for rabbits in the summer and winter.

Fourth:, it should work to protect the depository, safe and weak rabbits from rats, cats, dogs, the dirty wedding animal, and the foxes.

Fifth: Houses must protect the rabbits from theft.

Sixth: Every mother of rabbits and their output and male fertilisation of the area is about 2 square meters. Generally, in cages, each rabbit needs an area of meters x meters and with a height of half a meter.

To avoid the smell of rabbits, sawdust is the best absorbent of the smells resulting from them. The quality of the sawdust should not be too large or too small, and the sawdust should be non-cottony and at the same time not too rough. The problem of smell is not simple and simple. Some rabbit breeders have got rid of it and have not completed their investment for this reason. You can not live and smell a garbage container. Under the window of your bedroom directly.

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