Top 5 Pets For Homes

There has been a large number of animals that can be raised as a hobby for them. There are several animals that can be raised at home taking into consideration the care and cleanliness to ensure that people are not exposed to any health damage at home. Careful in choosing the type of domestic animal if there are children at home, and lovers of this hobby offer you a list of the best types of domestic animals that give an atmosphere of fun and fun.

The best animals that can be raised at home:

  1. Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners. They can also perform several functions to serve the person as housekeeper, and to guide people with special needs from the deaf and blind to the road and alert the deaf to the sound of the doorbell when the doorbell rings. The domestic dogs vary according to their types, sizes, The domestic dog needs special care by the teachers in terms of providing good food and permanent cleanliness and provide housing as well as tame and trained daily for thirty minutes to get used to the behaviors that Trambh by the teachers, and the best dogs Rudvailer and bokser and petpole.
  2. Cats: One of the most favorite pets in the house. It has the skills of play, playfulness and familiarity with its breeders. It gives an atmosphere of fun at home, it is quiet and clean and does not require much attention from its breeders because it cleans itself and can acquire habits and skills. One of the most popular domestic cats favored by many are Siamese cats and Persian cats with long hair. For more details you can see a previous article of the best types of domestic cats.
  3. Rabbits of wild animals, which humans have adapted and used thousands of years ago, have seen sculptures of rabbits on ancient Pharaonic walls. The rabbit is classified as mammal and adapts to all the world’s environments; it is present in all continents except the continents of Australia and Antarctica. Rabbit is characterized by many qualities that make it desirable among humans, such as beautiful shape, good taste of meat and usefulness, and the speed of reproduction, and the quality of fur. The group of rabbits has a great variety of species, with some species reaching 60 species, all of which feed on plants. The common type is about 300 g and 27 cm long. Rabbits have several colors, including white, black, gray, and spotted, and rabbits are characterized by rapid movement as a result of the retrograde of their hindquarters to be longer than the front.
  4. Hamsters: The hamster is a rodent. It is characterized by its beauty, small size, ease of breeding. It can be placed in a glass basin or a large cage because it moves quickly and is considered an active animal, but a sawdust must be placed to avoid the foul smell. It is one of the most famous Syrian hamsters and Chinese and European hamsters.
  5. Birds: Breeding birds preferably in rural homes , Here are some tips on how to breed birds:
  • Do not raise birds in exposed places.
  • Place the birds in a separate place from the sleeping and living areas.
  • Breeding in the nests and the bottom of the roof and well ventilated and heating according to the area, and taking into account that the number of birds to be enough for your space.
  • Breeding each type of bird separately.
  • Immunize birds from diseases by vaccinating against common diseases such as viruses and influenza.
  • Good cleaning of bird living areas and preferably know the type of disinfectant and the table that does not affect each type.
  • Taking into account the wearing of special clothing when working in plastic shoes, head cover and mouth.
  • Mating the healthy birds in a special vase and washing the knives before slaughter to prevent the transmission of diseases.
  • Wash hands and exposed areas of the body and prefer bathing after taking care of birds.
  • Do not slaughter sick birds and separate them from other birds.

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