Bird breeds popular kind American housing living orders families

Ways of bird breeds inside the house

Bird breeds popular kind American housing living orders and families-  Zebra is one of the most beautiful birds, characterized by its small size, although it is very active and moving heavily, and the movement of many leads to irregularity, Zebra likes to live in groups, mating the length of the year and bleaching female Zebra average of three to six eggs, and hatch The eggs are 14 to 17 days old, the best age is six months, while the average age is five to eight years, the native home is Australia, but it is very common in the United States of America,


Bird breeds – Jaguar is one of the rarest and least common birds around the world and distinguished by the wonderful sound and fresh and joking of the male, it produces a wonderful voice when the women embrace the eggs and so that you can relax and embrace the eggs to hatch in the nest, Beauty, such as cream, lead and other beautiful colors, mating the length of the year and laying the female egg from four to six eggs, and hatch eggs after 15 nights 19 days, and the best age for mating is eight months, and the average age of seven to nine Years, his native country is Indonesia.


Bird breeds – The Canary Bird is the original Canary bird, and there is the hybrid Canary, which currently exists. The colour of the wild canary is like a wild bird. It is built to green, in addition to many colours and types. The Europeans have placed it on the islands outside the islands for 500 years until they reproduce.


A variety of breeds has been developed and classified according to colour, singing and type. For example, the German Canary Roller has long been known to sing. The American Canary is a new species developed in America. It is produced by vaccination between the German Roller and the Boulder. Spanish and Canary Belgian known all over the world, and some species are not reared because of their voice but raised because of its distinctive alien forms and large size, such as Border distinctive strange shape because of its large head for size, such as Gloucester, Fifi, Lizzard, Norwegian, and others Which is characterized by the size of twice the size of the Canary normal, including what is characterized by colored feathers on the head in the form of a crown, and what he has around his neck some long feathers or around his body such as Parisian, and others are raised based on the distinctive color of feathers such as yellow-green, Silver, Bronze, Syphilis, Dimorphic, Black and Blue.


Bird breeds – Canary can produce two voices simultaneously, such as Duetto, and can sing continuously for more than a minute. Canary females lay eggs with an average of three to six eggs hatching after 14 days. The average age of five to six years can be as long as ten Sometimes, he mates throughout the year preferably starting at the age of nine or ten months, native to the Canary Islands, Belgian, German, Spanish and American.

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