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How to raise bird decor at home decorations

Bird decor best ideas The aim of the breeding of birds of adornment leads us to the method of food and treatment and the introduction of cages to live birds, it can be purchased by the person to put him at home and enjoy his voice and movements and can be a gift, and the types of birds suitable for this are the birds of the Rose and the birds of love and large parrots and the bird of the bird or bird The beautiful strawberry, the sparrow, the sparrow, the sparrow, the zebra, the giraffe, the canary, the sparrow, the sparrow, the sparrow, the sparrow, the sparrow, the sparrow, the sparrow, the bird, and every bird. Breeding that causes the death of birds often after an unspecified period, whether short or long.


Bird decor unique decoration –  After determining the purpose of education should be brought cage appropriately sized, it was the goal of raising household decorations should be the size of large cages and bring in cages to be smaller to transport the young after her arrival age to rely on themselves, taking into account balancing the number of males and females in each type so do not fight male.


If the intention of breeding for trade is to take into account the type of bird more, such as knowing the price when buying and selling price and bring a rectangular cage or box suitable for each type of birds and keep the cage from rust and corrosion and be smooth, and the good types of cages are cages triples and quartets and five , Then the wires are placed for standing by the birds.


Bird decor –  We take care to build a special location such as a small farm. You should be careful when building a farm or a bird’s place on several important points, such as not exposing the birds to the wind directly and finding a suitable place to shine the sun from the time of the East before the afternoon and the work of ventilation openings suitable to be strengthened For the birds to escape, you must avoid any source of pollution such as factory premises and severe audio pollution, and the processing of the ground with materials suitable for birds and be easy to clean.


Bird decor best style  – Hatching cycles start for most birds of adornment when birds reach the age of more than five months and each bird according to its type and must be separated until you reach a certain age you can mating without any problems in terms of the relationship between the spouses and in terms of caring for the eggs and the stagnation and care of young after hatching of eggs , And we must know the origins of the birds and the registration available to us, all these specifications affect the price significantly and on demand by your farm because of the love of birds breeding birds trustworthy breed producer.

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