Cat breeds tips interesting guide rules housing need

Cat breeds tips

Cat breeds tips will interest you have more information you must know it. A cute pet cat is a grainy pet for many people sitting on the throne of pets scattered all over the world. The cats have good qualities, such as cleanliness and kindness in their dealings with humans, their love for play and entertainment. They are very smart and fast-learner animals that live from 13 to 15 years and sometimes as long as 19 years.

Cat Classification

Cat breeds of mammals, who are the same family of birds that include the tiger, are classified by humans thousands of years ago. Information states that the pharaohs were the first to adopt African cats and took the form of the goddess of love and fertility.

The cat’s body consists of 240 bones, a flexible and fast body.


Cat breeds production

Cats are known to have abundant production of young children if left to their freedom and desire and become male cats desire to search for females through roaming and welcomes the occurrence of mating every time you find one of them.


The female cat reaches puberty early, at age 5-6 months, especially Asian short-haired breeds. Long-haired breeds, such as the Shirazi cat and the Himalayan cat, usually remain as small as 10-122 months.


Cats reach the peak of sexual anomalies in about eight months, and long-haired cats reach that beyond the year. Cats begin to marry in normal months, such as in January, February, March, and July. The gestation period is 63 days, and three to eight cats are born in one delivery. During pregnancy you are sensitive, avoiding people and being out of sight most of the time.


Breeding cats 

Breast Feeding Small breast milk and breastfeeding are the best way to ensure that

Cat breeds receive all their natural food needs, with some risks of breastfeeding such as pollution, but the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh their harm. The mother provides the young with an important gift by feeding them. It gives them immunity to diseases by introducing the mother’s antibodies to small kittens. The breeder should be aware of the occurrence of infections and ulcers in the mother’s nipples, which may cause serious risks to the mother and the young. A sudden calcium deficiency in the mother’s body should be indicated, which may cause her death due to lack of proper nutrition for the mother.


Cats should provide a systematic feeding method for cats to get all their food needs without contamination. The digestive system of cats is sensitive and may be susceptible to diarrhoea and other digestive diseases due to dietary imbalances. The cat loves the diversity of food and experimenting with everything that is new, but it is easy to change the nature of his food when he rejoins another different food. It is also recommended to provide meals moderate quantity and at different times up to five times a day, and prefer to provide water in a good level of cleanliness for him constantly. The meat provided to the cat must be free of bone, not damaged, cooked, roasted or mashed, and it is not recommended to make it raw at all; it may increase its weight or cause diseases.


Cats also prefer to eat liver, an important source of vitamins for cats. White meat, such as chicken, rabbits and fish, is one of the best foods for cats and is served boiled or grilled. Soft chicken bones may be served with meals to supply the cats with calcium. Different fish from sardines, tuna and other types provide cats with various important vitamins and minerals. Milk and its derivatives are very important and the main source of calcium, especially in the first months of life of cats, or when infected with indigestion diseases.


Cat breeds

It is not advisable to lock the cat in a closed place, which is considered an incorrect and unhealthy act. The cat likes to move and is harmless and clean if he is taught where to remove his waste. You must provide a warm and pleasant place to sleep, and you must pay attention to his hair and hair, and it is desirable to comb it every time, and if the cat is long hair types it is desirable to comb every day. As well as wash their teeth with the brush and paste to keep them clean. It is recommended to trim the claws constantly so as not to tear up furniture, carpets or harm people, and the breeder will be able to learn by the cat.

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