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Hamster care at home

Hamster care – Many of us do not know the hamster, but many of us wish to raise it as it is very easy to raise, such as raising birds. I assure you that you will enjoy playing with hamsters even if you are 12 or 60 years old.


What is hamster ??

An animal is a rodent and it is not a mouse … between a rabbit and a mouse

Its shape is quite different from the mouse … and most of it is distinguished by the absence of the tail and the shortness of the ears … There are many types of long hair that resemble the game.


What is its origin or history?

The hamster was first raised in America … and since then it has been considered a domestic pet or animal.

It is from Syria … It is called the Gold Hamster (the Golden Hamster) which is the most common … I prefer it because its shape is acceptable and does not resemble the mouse.


Is it true that hamsters transmit disease or plague ?? The answer is not … because his immunity is very weak and if he is afflicted with any disease dies immediately … Unlike jerobot or mice whose immunity is strong and transmit many diseases.


I think he has one needle that protects him from scabies every 6 months.

How do I buy a hamster? Read enough about the hamster and how to take care of it before you buy it.


Go to the animal shop after the age … because the hamster is a night animal … and you may not notice his activity in the morning.

Take a small crate like a cage where fish are placed … Do not leave it long in this cage … because it is narrow and poorly ventilated.


The hamsters live for a maximum of two or three years … so you have to bring a young man between 4 and 8 weeks old … as the hamster is brought up on the owner faster and more easily … Do not buy a hamster less than two weeks old for the possibility of death.


Choose the most active hamster … Your nose must be dry, clean and free of impurities … and eyes are shiny … Ask the shop owner to allow you to hold the hamster … and check his body well … his body must be dry … It should not have wounds or hair-free areas.


If you want to buy a pair of hamsters … or want to buy a male and a female … ask the owner of the shop about the way they mate … because they can start fights when they grow up.


What do I buy with hamsters?  Cage includes (water canister, small house and wheel)

  1. Food
  2. Sawdust
  3. 4- Games


the cage:

Must have a minimum area of 50 * 35 cm.


It is divided into several sections:

1- A cage made of wire.

Fit as a starter with one hamster and not as a sap.



  1. excellent ventilation
  2. Cheap
  3. Available in all sizes



  1. It is possible to place the place around it with sawdust … It is impossible to put big shapes in the house .. for the dirt that is thrown out of the cage.
  2. If the floor is wired … it will be difficult to walk on it (for small hamsters only)
  3. It can rust.


Plastic cage:

It is several shapes, types and sizes suitable for everyone


Hamster care – Features:

  1. gives you a complete and clear view of the hamster.
  2. Nothing of the sawdust is thrown out of the cage.
  3. 3 – striking and beautiful shape.
  4. 4 – Can be accommodated corridors and tunnels similar to tunnels made by Hammer in nature.


Hamster care – Disadvantages:

  1. It is rather expensive.
  2.  needs a special box for water.
  3.  Some of the passages are narrow (for big hamsters only)
  4. Some types are difficult to clean.

Hamster care – There is a type that has a sliding shelf from the bottom … a cage of a bird cage … and this is cleaner faster.

Sawdust :

Hamster care – They are placed below to absorb the smells of hamster and the smells of old food … and it is rather cheap … a handful of hand is placed for the small cage once a week

Note: The hamster is clean and has no smell … If you notice a strange smell in the cage … just clean the cage well and the smell will get rid of it.

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