Cat food homemade wellness

Cat food homemade wellness

All kinds of creatures need proper food for them and their bodies. Without it, they will not be able to supply their bodies with the energy they need to live, move, grow and perform their vital functions. Cat food homemade wellness The type of food and its contents vary from creature to creature. , And the two differ completely from the eating of birds, and all of this differs from what is eaten by humans, and the reason for these differences in the differences between the bodies of these organisms and the way they digest the materials that feed them, in addition to the quality of food you get, and the amount you need from each Of the nutrients and the degree of consumption of each.

A cat or a pet is one of the animals belonging to a group of mammals, a species of birds that also includes tigers, leopards and other wild predators, is the smallest type of this species in size. The pet cats have graceful, resilient bodies, long tails that help them balance while walking and jumping around rough terrain. They also have sharp teeth and able-to-grasp claws that allow them to hunt down many small objects, such as birds, lizards and rodents from mice and rats. The cat was domesticated for the first time about seven thousand years ago, and since then cats have adapted to human lifestyle and have become essential in human culture and human cities.

For cats, they can, to a certain extent, eat some of the food eaten by humans. They can eat most cooked meat even if it is mixed with red tomato sauce, meatballs and anything else. It does not matter if the meat is boiled or grilled, But it is best to be well cooked; to avoid the possibility that the cat will be infected with the types of bacteria that spread in this meat. Although wild cats are used to eating raw meat and even carcases of dead animals for days, human meat is more dangerous to them, because they contain a variety of bacteria from livestock food and industrial plant environments where cats are not accustomed.

Cats also eat chickens. It is an important source of protein. Chicken bones are useful for cats. They do not mind eating them. They are easier to break than bones of sheep or cows and others. Eating liver meat can be very useful for cats, so there is no objection to offering chicken liver with food from time to time. Fish is a very popular food for cats, and it is recommended to be cooked before it is introduced, as is the case with meat, chicken and liver. Fish gives the cat very important substances and nutrients such as iodine, phosphorus, vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D  As well as protein.

Cats can be given tuna and canned sardines. Domestic cats have a large tendency to eat fish, but this does not necessarily mean that they are the best food. Wildcats often live in dry environments and fish are very rarely eaten. If domestic cats eat fish as their primary food, You will be deficient in many kinds of minerals and vitamins, so it should not be overstated to feed the cats, but it is useful when it is provided in a reasonable amount.

Cats can feed on milk, cheese and all dairy products at different stages of their lives, but contrary to popular belief, it is not considered a good food for cats, and in fact may be dangerous in some cases; milk and its derivatives are useful for cats when they are small, The first of her life before he weaned, but when she grows up, eating milk and dairy products can cause her problems; the ability of her digestive system to absorb lactose (a sugar found in milk) is much reduced and may become sensitive to milk, Not digestion, diarrhea and drought, all of which will negatively affect their health. In fact, the only liquid that cats need to drink is water, even if submitted to the appropriate quantities of it will not need to drink anything else.

Obesity in cats It is important to pay attention to the cat is not obese, it may affect the health as bad as the case of human, and it is necessary to provide food appropriate and useful for cats, but in reasonable quantities, the goal to supply them with the elements needed by the body and not fattening, to submit a cat food containing large amounts of fat, and the economy must provide them with fats and oils. It is useful to organise eating times until the cat has organised the process of digestion. Obesity is one of the common problems of cats in the world’s first countries, like humans. Likewise, obesity causes the same risks to cats as it does to humans. It threatens them with heart disease and low lifespan.

Animals eat organisms in many different ways. They are basically divided into two types: self-feeding organisms that make their own food. These are plants that get energy from sunlight through photosynthesis and non-self-feeding organisms, You need to feed on others and include all animals.

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