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Paradise bird colour The parrot has a beautiful and awesome ability to speak, but the ability of these birds to speak unevenly and not equally is gifted, including only whistling, and people are surprised when they hear the parrot chanting some understandable words. Paradise bird colour If you want to train a parrot to speak you can follow the following methods and rules For an easy start.

Paradise bird Start with words that consist of 3 letters or less and train them on a limited number of words so that they are concentrated in their minds and not distracted. The middle letter in the word should preferably be a letter of letters: (Teaching by association) and do not use different words to describe the same thing so as not to cause confusion or confusion Continuing chanting is an important rule of speech teaching rules, by several times per period, several times per day, and on a frequent basis And continuous and over the days.

Paradise Bird – Make your voice clear during the pronunciation of the word in front of the parrot, not only to be the concept for him, this bird destined to understand the meaning of the word Try to be smiling while speaking the word to be accepted by the parrot, or else it will show you,  have the ability to capture our thoughts and feelings and emotions Be calm and central while you pronounce the word, will listen to you carefully and listen very describe the important elements in his life, and always use the same expression.

Paradise Bird – For example, repeat the word water when you change the water in the cage. General conditions such as food, teacher or parrot owner also have parrot words, so you must take all these considerations into account to ensure the success of the educational process. One or a few words, and then turn on the device in order to listen to the parrot, and often run the tape at night before the bird’s readiness to sleep, and this helps to focus the word more in his memory at the time of tranquility and calm, as this timing affected him to care and keep, He sleeps and wakes up on Vs word .otaattalb this process continuity, and must sound documentary it is quiet and low center and clear.

Paradise bird – But be careful when using this method because it may infect the bird fatigue and make him feel tense after the expansion of the parrot language, he needs to remind him of the vocabulary of languages ??that can be pronounced in advance, and the memory will become very confused, and will mix things a lot from this aspect The parrot is a very beautiful animal, a kind of bird, and the parrot has a terrible ability to speak, and the parrot’s ability to speak varies from one type to the other, and it Parrot can be trained on a The word is also the most important factor in the ability of the parrot to speak in order to establish in its brain and prefer at first to teach it words with three letters or less, and also prefer that the words contain the letters of the three tiers A, F and J and preferably also to be a character tide Middle word characters, and must be clear sound when the speech in front of the parrot.

As for raising parrots, they can not live on their own, but they must have those who live with them on the condition that they are of the same kind. They love freedom so much. When raising parrots, they must be placed in a large cage in the centre of vegetables and nature, to deceive the parrot and make him feel that he is free in nature. It is also necessary to take care of food and drink and continue to change each and every other and feed him what he should eat from the grain, and also love to play must provide them, and the educator should care about the cleanliness of the cage and create a clean environment for him to live.

Paradise Bird – In fact, parrots do not start talking since birth, but learn from the breeder after the age of five simple words, parrot is like a child in the way of education must begin to teach him the words simple Such as the words spoken by the child such as Papa and Mama and Hala and Maine and other easy words, which makes it easier to pronounce, and then start with words more difficult like Welcome and Come and welcome you and waited for me and water and silence, and then begin to make speech and choose sentences and but not many words and sentences are the most beautiful Odile light on the All-San like that of God, such as Praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, Glory of God, and must teach a parrot all the letters without any exception, meaning it is very similar to the idea of ??a child’s education speech.

The bird is taught during the morning when waking up and before sleeping, but when you feel that the bird began to feel people you have to leave it to sleep, talk to the bird as if you talk to a child who is not more than the year, and reward him from time to time to encourage him, you can use the recorder The sound and recording and leave it next to him so he can learn to speak from him, I feel the bird and being part of your family and do not try to deal with him as a normal bird and bother him and leave the children meet him and bother him he does not feel safe when meeting him.

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