Cat behavior includes body language

Cat behavior – Why do cats like to wipe our hands on their backs?

Cat behavior has alot of meaning. The scientific truth behind this act of the cat in terms of his love to wipe our hands on his back and to wipe the area of ?? the head and face with our fingers lightly is that cats when born, the mother cat immediately lick their bodies to clean them, especially the area of ??the back to help them urinate and stand up because they can not Urinate and stand out spontaneously unless the mother uses her tongue to lick the anal area in order to activate the stimulation of the extraction process. From this moment, young cats are born that the mother provides food, hygiene and protection.

When cats grow up and reach puberty, they begin to deal with humans on the basis that they are their mothers, and this is simply because they are responsible for feeding, caring, protecting and caring for them. Thus when we wipe the palm of the hand on the back of the cat The palm of the hand from the point of view of the cat is (tongue of her mother) where the friction with her back gives her the same feeling and immediately begin to swallow and surrender to the owner with repeated scanning on the back!

Cat behavior Cat make us watching the funny thing is that when the adult cat is rubbed on its back, it turns and gives you (its ass) with the tail up in a vertical position so that the palm of your hand (which is the tongue of his mother from his point of view) cleans this area !! When we observe the behavior of small cats and her mother, we notice that they raise their small tail up and guide the area of ??the back to the face and nose of the mother, indicating that they want to call the mother to clean this area of ??the body!

Why do cats rub their heads and sides of their bodies on the legs of their owners?
We always notice that when a cat meets someone he knows (to say that you were out of the house, for example), he approaches the legs of this person, rubs his head from the first mouth, walks forward and rubs the side of his body against the leg of the owner. , Stops and looks up and then repeats this movement several times
Of course we will all interpret this behavior as an expression of love and satisfaction to meet the owner, but the scientific fact is that the cat when he does so he is putting his own smell and without being absent on our feet and our clothes !! What happens in fact is that the cat begins to wipe the front of his mouth and nose in our leg and they carry his personal smell and then rubbing his body with the walk forward to distribute this hidden mark on our legs or clothes and finally finally rub his tail and of course carries the smell of the cat and a higher concentration to confirm the stability This hidden mark on our legs ,,, ok and let his mind beat us and our goals ????

The answer is simply that he has to prove his ownership to this person so that if any other cat tried to get closer to this person, he will immediately recognize through this smell the warning message he has never put you on your head without knowing: that is, to bring the person closer to him, We will not be able to smell this (fingerprint) because our sense of smell is very weak compared to the sense of smell in cats I know that many of us will laugh on the subject, but his will is the scientific truth !!!

When a cat catches a mouse, why is it brought to you?

Some of us may notice that when a cat catches a mouse, a bird, a leprechaun or any prey of any kind, it will kill it or hit it with its mouth and bring it to you in your bed or wherever you are. ?

The scientific answer is Cat behavior cat simply that you attended a failed and lazy fisherman and unable to provide food for yourself
What happens is that the cat when associated with the owner, it has a very intimate relationship in which the cat is a member of the family, and it is known that the mother cat, like the instinct of the fetus to fetch prey or any other food to her children and the first time to bring him and eat in front of them Then in the next few times you bring the prey after killing it completely to the small cats and leave them to eat, and after the children reach the age of two months, bringing the prey (mouse, for example) and is still alive or infected to the young people to eliminate them and prey, all of course to give them a lesson In how to rely on self in Fair food for themselves in the future.

When the cat grows up, he follows the same method with his owner (he is unable to catch mice from the point of view of the cat) and considers that providing food to the owner is one of his responsibilities if allowed to do so, of course we are to eat the cat but the cat sold him in the case It is a strange behavior that can not be changed, so if the cat moves to your chest, for example, in bed, you should not abuse the cat because it is intended to give you (gift) nothing more !! You have to take the clutches and get rid of him and the cat and show him your happiness in this behavior !!

Why does the cat always lick itself?
Of course, the answer that comes to our minds is that the cat is a clean animal and loves to have a clean, always a clean hole. In fact, this is a small part of the scientific truth behind this Cat behavior  .

We all notice that the Cat behavior begins to lick (sense) the gap after eating his meal of food and then looking for a warm and quiet place to sleep, OK to clean himself before he sleeps after what is correct? It is scientifically proven that clean fur, whose bristles are unburdened, forms a layer of insulation against coldness and is much better than fur, which is intertwined with bristles. The cat, especially during cold winter days, tends to make its leaves well-combed to protect itself from cold. (We’ll always notice that he does it just before bedtime).

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