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Hamster lower classifications

Hamster lower classifications – Taking care of a hamster is not as easy as any other pet, and it requires procedures so that it does not get hurt. If you wish to acquire one must learn how to take care of it.

The hamster is a biting animal that is very much like a rat but is nicer and more familiar than the latter. Its colours vary from grey to white to honey, and it has a very strong sense of smell and hearing, but its sense of sight is weak because it is a night animal. Different places around the world, including Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and others, have recently become popular as a pet. They are friendly and have a gracious appearance. However, the hamsters need special care, unlike other pets. in the acquisition of one or must A learn how to take care of it, follow the following article to know how.

Steps to take care of hamsters a home:

Bring him home directly
Hamster lower classifications – The hamster is a wild animal and still lives in the wild so do not expect him to get used to his new environment at home directly, or to mix people naturally, especially at first, so after buying it bring him home immediately, do not pass on your favorite friend to see your new animal, Because he may be subjected to pressure and fear that causes his illness, just let him in his cage as quiet and safe as possible, with the provision of food and water necessary.

Cover the cage!
In the early days, the hamster needs to be completely alone without any disturbance until it adapts to its new environment. All you have to do is equip the cage and place the appropriate games, with enough water and food, cover the cage with a light cloth, provide the privacy it needs and allow air and then leave him without any inconvenience, no human being is allowed to approach his cage, otherwise he may become very aggressive and do some harm to anyone approaching him!

Do not carry hamsters directly
Hamster lower classifications – After about a week of keeping the hamster alone in his cage, he tried to approach him but quietly. At first, he spoke with a quiet voice to tell him about you. Then remove the cloth carefully so as not to disturb him, then start changing the water and food and clean the cage, Most importantly, do not carry the hamster directly, but try to give it some time to get used to your presence!

Cook the hamster
As mentioned earlier, hamsters are not used to being in the vicinity of humans so do not try to carry it directly, but give it some time to adapt to you, you will notice at first that the hamster starts its activity in the evening and during the night and sleep during the day, the room.

Let it explore your hand!
You should get used to your hands and know that it is not a thing or a game that can bite or fear it, just extend your hands inside the cage and leave him a chance to smell and approach them, then drag them quietly, and enter again directly to get used to it and know that it is not dangerous or harmful.

Let him climb on your hand
Hamster lower classifications – After he gets used to you a bit, put some food and put your hands in the cage again, let him climb on it, then raise your hand very slowly and calm so as not to panic him, talk to him quietly and sit on the ground, the hamster may fear and decide to jump away from you, Injured and hurt himself if he fell from high altitude.

do not lose hope
Hamster lower classifications – Some hamsters may need to be tamed for weeks or even months, especially if they have a bad experience with anyone who comes to you, whether in the previous owner or in the pet shops, in which case you do not expect to trust you easily, just give him some time and do not try to force him to do anything So it does not become more aggressive towards you. Respect the dates of his sleep! The hamster is a night animal that wakes up and wakes up at night and evening and sleeps during the day, even if you wake up several times during the day to eat, etc. Do not pull it out or try to get it out of its cage because it is usually not in a mood to allow it. He wants to play.

Do not let others caress him!
Hamster lower classifications – Hamster is very different from any other animal, such as cats and dogs, for example, it is unlike them do not adapt easily to deal with many people, especially in the first days of your home, so do not let him move from one hand to another, at least until you get used to you! You can notice that he hides some food somewhere in the cage, do not try to remove it because it is an innate instinct, and any disturbance may be caused by stress and severe nervous pressure, if you are afraid to spoil the food, just change it, but do not remove it completely, and it is advisable to do so which is not in the cage.

In the end, Hamster lower classifications – taking care of the hamsters is not as easy as other pets. As you see, your presence requires special procedures and precautions so that you do not get hurt, so if you can not take care of it properly, do not bring it home!

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