wellness cat completes health necessary pet cleaning

Wellness cat pet cleaning

Wellness Cat can pay enough attention to themselves, but they may be prevented by some diseases from good attention and attention to their hair such as obesity, joint diseases, eye problems and chronic diseases. In this case, you need to take some steps to keep the cat clean. The cat is the daily routine, this is better than to live with a cat never clean the house.

Wellness Cat – Comb your cat’s hair
At first, if the cat finds it difficult to take care of itself, take it to the veterinarian. If the cat is treated, it is possible to regain its health and take care of itself again. If the cat has a primordial hair, ask for help from a specialist to remove this entanglement, but this process may be painful. The cat is combed from the daily routine, combine the body of the cat well removes the hair falling on it and dirt and waste and activates the blood circulation and sebaceous glands and helps to make the hair shiny especially if you have long hair, do not comb the cat when you are raging and wait until you calm down and massage Gently and calmly pal Speech, and combing can create a bond between the person and the cat if it is calm, but if it is raging can occur a negative correlation.


Sometimes cats need cleaning even if the cat does not want it. For example, if the cat is dirty, it should be cleaned even if it is raging. After cleaning the cat, try to wrap it in a towel and leave the place dirty.

wellness cat completes health necessary pet cleaning

Wellness Cat – Determine the number of times you should comb the hair of the cat. If you have long hair, it is better to comb the day or else its hair becomes dirtier. Also, heck the fleas during combing, rub the hair and look for the insect or its residue. Remove the waste with a metal comb. If you encounter a piece of felt hair and can not remove it, use a plucker to cut this piece and do not use scissors so as not to hurt the cat. If you can not remove the clogged parts yourself, expose the cat to an expert or veterinarian.

Clean the face and ear of the cat
If the cat has eye problems that cause tears and excretions, the cat should be cleaned so that it is calm and comfortable. Dry the tears with a cotton or soft cloth using wet cotton to remove the crust around the eye. Do not use the same cotton to clean the eyes, Do not use lotion or eye drops unless you are under the supervision of a veterinarian. Clean the face with wet cotton and make sure that it reaches between the two folds and dry it thoroughly because the moisture worries it.

Wellness Cat – Take a look at the cat’s ear and make sure there are no waxes or residues. Clean them with an ear fluid. It is available in animal shops. Place a small amount of cleaning fluid on the cat’s ears and gently clean the cat’s ear. Do not use ear cleaning pads or water. To avoid any injuries to the cat or infections.

While cleaning this cat is the most appropriate time to examine it, check the face and look for any problems such as the cat’s eyelash, many tears, eye secretions, redness, dark marks on the face of the cat or ear, or hair falling.

Wellness Cat – Clean the cat’s back
The sick cats who can not take care of themselves may get diarrhea and keep the remains of faeces on their hair, especially if the hair is long, care must be taken to clean the buttocks so that the faeces do not stick to it, cause hair sintering and eventually cause skin problems. Use a glove during cleaning and clean with wet wipes. Especially with cats or using baby wipes, after cleaning the stool dry the cat well using a towel because leaving it wet causes your hair to come back again.

If you can not remove the stool easily from around the back, split the hair around the anus. Also, clean the cat’s sandbox if it has stool residue. Examine it every day and replace it every 3 weeks. If you have any problems with stool or difficulty with your cat during defecation, call your veterinarian.

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