Best dog brush guidelines choosing puppy supply

Best dog brush guidelines

Best dog brush – She lived with dogs for more than five thousand years and was raised at that time with great care and careful selection. She was trained to do useful work such as guarding and escorting sheep herds, helping the police and driving the blind. Many of the dogs are bred to accompany human. It is accompanied by the human being bears responsibility in an effective and thoughtful and be loyal to him and generate confidence with the dealers.

When choosing a puppy, follow these best dog brush guidelines:

  1. The general health of the puppy should be monitored.

2 – The eyes must be bright and shiny and does not come out of any detachments.

  1. The skin cover must be clean “as well as the ears.

4 – The teeth must be intact and the puppy has a good body.

5 – The size of the puppy should be adjusted when it is completed with the size of the house and especially if it is ¬† ¬†supposed to “live in a small house.

  1. It must fit into the life form you have chosen for it.
  2. You must have sufficient time to train this puppy.
  • Food:

Dogs are naturally carnivorous and therefore require some meat in their diets.

Best dog brush guidelines choosing puppy supply

A _ Puppies:

Best dog brush – Puppies should be taken as soon as they reach eight weeks of age four servings a day. “Two meals, based on meat and two meals based on milk and cereals, and as the pups grow, the number of meals decreases to two meals once they reach 12-16 months.

B – Adult dogs:

Small breeds weighing no more than 9 kg need 113-170 g meat and 56-85 g grains.

Large breeds with a weight of no more than (27) kg need (341-569) g meat and (113 – 170) grains.

  • Important points:
  1. The dog must have its own bowl to eat.
  2. Fresh clean water should be available continuously.

3 – Avoid giving it small things to eat between meals.

  1. Unlike what is commonly known, feeding dogs with raw bones does not benefit these dogs and can harm their health.
  • Shelter:

All dogs need a cosy place to sleep.

Best dog brush – A carton of strong cardboard is sufficient for the small puppy and some papers are placed at the bottom to isolate it. A small piece of tarpaulins can be placed. The mattress must be changed regularly to prevent parasites from multiplying. The box should be placed away from the air currents. Is sufficiently large to allow the dog to move and run easily. If the dog has to stay outside, it should be given a “well ventilated outside and in a shady place in the summer, and in any case, the place should be isolated” Protected “from changing weather conditions in winter.

  • Transformation:

It should be done daily and for a few minutes, so it can not only improve the shape of the animal and its general appearance but also remove the remnants of hair falling and protect against parasites and dirt.

  • Exercises:

Dogs at any age need to exercise and leave dogs free in a yard or garden is not enough. “The dog needs to use his lungs and muscles to the maximum extent. If the dog is walking in populated areas or near traffic signs or transport, The girdle you can drive to protect it and when the dogs are well trained can allow them to move around in safe places.

  • Training:

The untrained dogs are noisy and can be dangerous, while the trained dog is a joy to the owner, and the training period should not exceed 10 minutes, and there is no specific age for the puppy to begin his training, but the dog can be trained on single word commands since the beginning So that the puppies respond well to the tone of the sound and the tone of the trainer must vary while maintaining the sound remains clear “fixed” and firm. Make orders simple, short and easy to understand.

  • Home exercises:

Best dog brush – This is the first lesson that dogs should learn to anticipate the need for the puppy to put the manure and urine out as the first work done in the morning after feeding and feeding and the last work done at night. When the dog does it properly, pay it generously and when the puppy makes a mistake, “the house should be contaminated with a clear, firm voice and placed outside.

  • Instructions :

1 “- Return:

Puppies should get used to wearing a collar where they have been taken since their early ages. The puppy should be encouraged to walk quietly in his collar without pulling the owner and to prevent him from pulling. Pull him gently back, saying “Return” while pulling the girdle back.

2 “- Sit down:

Start with a puppy in the standing position. Say “sit” with a clear voice while holding it “in one hand and using” the other hand to push the puppy out of its back legs trying to “clean it.” This will lead the dog to sit and then praise him. For the dog to learn to quickly sit down without having to press his back menus.

3 “- Wait or Come:

When the puppy is tied to the collar, the distance is “drawn along the rope” away from the puppy so that your face is towards it and give the order: wait and make sure to extend one of your arms so that the palm rest towards the puppy and correct any attempt by the puppy to move to shake the collar ” But gently and when you begin to understand this you can loosen the steering wheel and expand the distance between you and him. Teach your dog to wait until you call him and praise him for being obedient. ”

  • Reproduction:

Best dog brush – Street dogs can be controlled or reduced if most breeders can protect their dogs from unwanted pregnancy by sterilising dogs. This simple procedure causes stress or “mild disturbance” to the dog and makes it less ferocious and more understanding. “Therefore, you should advise your veterinarian about the possibility of such operations.

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