Dog brush Groomer easy deshedding Self Cleaning tool

Dog Brush Groomer

Dog brush –  is important to have your pet care equipment with you at home regardless of your dog’s breed. You should create this habit in your dog’s life early. Care becomes a tragedy rather than an activity that strengthens the bond between you and your dog. A regular part of your dog routine.

The following brushes are usually used to care for dogs:

– Dog brush for rough hair, this brush can be used for all kinds of dogs, but with longer hair, you can choose a brush with spaced hairs, it can help to add shine to the dog and remove the dirt.

– Dog brush wire pin, this brush is not recommended for dogs with short hair, but perhaps the best choice for dogs with long hair, brush pin wire may also be better if your dog’s hair is curly, or very thick.

This brush has rows of pins that tend to get rid of dead hair. They are good for dogs with thick fur but are not suitable for dogs with long hair. They simply act as an obstacle to long hair because they pull too much.

– Brush with a blade, this brush is a metal ring with teeth on one side, which is really suitable for dogs with short hair because it is able to

– A rubber brush, this brush is great for removing dead hair from short-haired dogs, as it has a massage effect, there are some dogs that are a bit sensitive to her.

Dog brush Groomer easy deshedding Self Cleaning tool

Comb your dog’s hair:

Dog brush – If your dog has long hair and is prone to forming a knot or tangle, you should make sure you are very gentle and improve using the brush well, and choose the right brush for your dog’s hair. It would be easier for you if you cut the dog’s hair and make it short and brush it.

Dogs that are falling hair:

Dog brush – There is nothing that can stop the hair loss of the dog other than taking care of his hair and brushing his favourite brush every day to collect dead hair and meet him away. The fall of this dead hair may be a natural thing for some dogs throughout the year, but for some breeds with short hair may be the worst thing , Because it is not good hair loss of dogs with a short scalp, and you will have one option on this matter is to use a tool dedicated to removing blanks that may occur between the hair and settled and also provide your dog with a beautiful message, but you will need to make the device initially at a relative distance About the dog because it will happen Ouija may bother him, and also you can give your dog rewards to encourage him.

Cut your dog hair:

If your dog has ever-growing hair, at some point you will need to cut your dog’s hair, and you do not have to worry about it. This is done easily with custom electrical tools to do that, whether you do it or have a specialist. At home, you will find that this is an easy task as long as your dog’s hair is not complicated. All you need is a simple style, a good pairing and good cutting and trimming, but make sure that the blades are not too hot when used non-stop, burn the dog’s skin, but if the dog was a complex hair will be essential that you cut hair and make Very short, and if you cut it in the direction of hair growth will also want shorter than normal.

How to clean your dog’s teeth

Dog Brush – Cleaning your dog’s teeth is an important part of caring for him. Keeping your dog’s scent good is a good reason to clean your teeth regularly. Cleaning teeth can also enhance the health and happiness of your dog as well. The combination of lime and dirt on the teeth does not lead to bad breath only, as this may lead to tooth loss. Dental care problems can also lead to painful infections that threaten the life of the dog and may affect the kidney, heart or liver. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean will improve your life and your life.

We always suffer from bad breath in dogs. And we find it difficult to take care of their teeth. Here are some tips that facilitate this task

According to studies in this area, you can add up to five years to the life of your dog if you take care of his teeth. The presence of bacteria and toxins have a negative effect not only on your dog which is the most obvious but also mainly on dog health. There are several stages of periodontal disease. Dentistry in the case of major problems for dogs has not developed widely in Egypt so far. The veterinarian can clean them if they are neglected in the past but may require that the dog gets anaesthetized and therefore we recommend to work in the early stages or use preventive measures from the start, to prevent the problem from reaching a stage requiring surgical intervention.

Gum disease begins with bacteria on the surface of the teeth, or the layer of plaque (lime). The plaque layer not only causes bad breath but also painful gum infections. The plaque layer can easily be removed by cleaning your dog’s teeth or by chewing solid toys or food. Dogs that feed only on dry cereals are less likely to form plaque. If this layer is not removed in a timely manner, the bacteria will relate to the teeth and with calcium, the saliva of the dog will become calcified. Pores in this layer facilitate storage of food and bacteria residues. This is the main cause of gingivitis. If not treated causes spaces between the teeth and even the fall of the teeth in later stages. Symptoms of gingivitis Redness, swelling and bleed easily.

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